Increase the number of patients with google ads locally or globally 🚀

Google oglašavanje zdravstvenih proizvoda i usluga koji povećavaju broj pacijenata


We've worked with doctors, psychologists, sales managers, and even the patients of many clinics and we know how to use google ads to convert an ordinary online observer into your patient.



What can you expect from our google advertising strategy?

Izrada sajta predstavlja početak korišćenja internet marketinga i obezbeđuje rast vašeg brenda u lokalu i globalno
  • More telephone calls
  • Monthly Revenue growth
  • Increasing Brand awareness
  • Increasing the customer confidence in your institution
  • More patients locally or globally
  • More relevant website visits (customers who need your service)

Our main clients

  • Our main clients to whom we have provided brand development in Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, Germany, Serbia.
  • And all that from our offices in Belgrade.
  • We provided the main client from Serbia with revenue growth from $ 30,000 to $ 500,000 per month, which resulted in an increase in the number of employees from 20 to 150.
  • See the list of our foreign clients
Naši glavni partneri kojima smo obezbedili rast brenda

Google ads and their power

Google oglasi omogućavaju prikaz vašeg web sajta u vrhu pretrage korisnicima koji traže vašu uslugu
  • Every second, a million queries are typed on Google by users who are looking for some information or a solution to their problem. The Google AdWords platform offers the ability to display your website (your ad) at the top of search results - to a user who types in a query relevant to your business.
  • In February 2020, 60,000 users typed in: "dentist" (info: google ads platform)
  • In February 2020, 74,000 users typed: "anti aging" (info: google ads platform)
  • We don't just create google ads that can run within 24 hours. Our advertising strategy is focused on your clients, and presenting the solutions they searched for on Google. Our goal is to lure them into the sales funnel with the help of advertisements and convince them on the website that you are the medical institution that can help them (solve their problem).

Our strategy involves using complete marketing on the website and not just advertising

A strategy focused on your client - the patient

Google oglasi omogućavaju prikaz vašeg web sajta u vrhu pretrage korisnicima koji traže vašu uslugu
  • Patients and their families, as well as psychologists and doctors from many clinics with which we have cooperated in the last 10 years, participated in the creation of our advertising strategy. This strategy creates confidence in your expertise in solving patients' problems and involves the implementation of complete marketing on the website and not just advertising.
  • Patients who stayed in hospitals for treatment, for a 10% service discount accepted the cooperation with our marketing manager and together with him defined the ideal structure of the website and sales pages. They participated in the creation of advertising messages that attract the attention and of the complete sales funnel that we use in campaigns.
  • Patients' families participated in an email survey directed at discovering the fears of this target group that created resistance to treatment. Results helped us bypass "unwanted information" in the process of creating ads and webpages
  • Psychologists and doctors who communicated with patients daily, participated in the selection of marketing elements when presenting the benefits of treatment on the website and sales pages.
  • Our marketing manager attended medical procedures in order to more accurately present the values of the treatments on the website and create advertising messages that attract the attention of the target group.

Based on many years of experience working with patients, doctors, and psychologists, we've created an advertising strategy called “Customer Journey,” which has provided our partners with 70% growth in all advertising campaigns.

Our Google advertising service includes

Ad + "Customer Journey" + "Sales Funnel"

A strategy that converts an ordinary online observer into your customer

Google oglasi sa strategijom prodajnog levka, koji konvertuju posmatrače u pacijente
  • Many years of experience in running google advertising campaigns for domestic and foreign clients have taught us that google advertising is just the beginning of the sales funnel and that advertising results depend on the complete marketing that follows after the user clicks on the ad.
  • Step 1: Research to find out what are your potential patients looking for on Google - what phrases/keywords are they typing in the google search. We create various ad campaigns that target only users who have shown interest in your service.
  • Step 2: With an ad, we direct these users to your website where we present the complete "Customer Journey" to a better future, with the help of your brand. With this strategy, we create a desire for your service and turn ordinary observers into interested clients.
  • Step 3: We track the movement of users on the site every day and with basic "Sales Funnel" we define marketing elements that create trust r in your knowledge and expertise and use them in the final funnel which will provide a high conversion rate.

Google marketing sa prezentovanjem kompletnog putovanja kupca ka boljoj budućnosti
  • So far, we have already spent $ 700,000 on advertising and we know what works and what doesn't.
  • The results of google advertising depend on the complete marketing that happens after the user sees and clicks on the ad.
  • Many years of testing have enabled us to form a strategy that provides reliable results. And that is the presentation of the complete journey of the customers towards a better future that they can get with the help of your brand.

This advertising strategy involves the use of google ads and all the marketing elements on the website, intended to convert the average viewer into your client.

With an analytical approach, we ensure the profitability of Google advertising

measurement + analysis + optimization

  • Unlike conventional marketing, digital marketing allows two-way communication and measurement of any interaction between the customer and the brand.
  • Before launching google ad campaigns, we define micro and macro conversion goals and prepare your website for the process of tracking user behavior on the web pages and ad campaign results.
  • We define macro conversions and implement them on the website: contact, consultation, questionnaire, purchase, etc.
  • We define micro conversions and implement them on the website: download, page scroll length, video clicks, newsletter subscription, phone contact clicks, e-mail, address, retention longer than 2 minutes, etc.
  • Based on the analysis of the resulting conversions, we are constantly modifying web pages and advertising campaigns until we achieve a high user experience with a high conversion rate.
Google oglasi omogućavaju prikaz vašeg web sajta u vrhu pretrage korisnicima koji traže vašu uslugu

With this analytical approach, we will know what changes we need to implement to ensure a high ROI (return on investment). You'll have an insight into the success of your advertising campaigns in the monthly report.

Google advertising in our agency consists of
three basic stages


Faza 1 google oglašavanja

Research and plan

We'll analyze your service and competition, define your Avatar (the ideal customer), prepare campaigns by types of visits (cold, warm, hot), and create a database of the needs of your clients. We'll create a performance plan on the google ads advertising platform, and send you for approval.

Faza 2 google oglašavanja

Launching the ad

We'll make changes to your website that are necessary to convert website visitors to your customers. We test different web pages and different google ads until we get to the most profitable ones.

Faza 3 google oglašavanja

Analysis and Growth

Every week, we'll analyze in detail the Google advertising campaigns and the movement of visitors within the sales funnel on the website until we come up with a formula that will guarantee you long-term profitability. After successful testing, we can finally suggest a higher advertising budget that will achieve even higher results.


Types of google campaigns we run Search & Display google campaigns, Youtube campaigns, Shopping campaigns, Retargeting campaigns

Mistakes that other agencies make in running advertising campaigns

Greške drugih agencija u vođenju google oglasa - Rade na procenat

They work on a percentage of the budget

Other Agencies mostly take a percentage of the total budget that you pay to Google. This approach does not provide you with quality website visits and is not focused on the process of converting online observers into your clients.

Greške drugih agencija u vođenju google oglasa - Paketi ograničavaju rezultate

They "blackmail" their clients

Agencies form pricing packages with certain restrictions such as the number of ad campaigns or the number of keywords they will allow you. This way, they "blackmail" the client using well known scheme – “pay more and you will get more”

Greške drugih agencija u vođenju google oglasa - Ne koriste prodajni levak

They don't use the sales funnel in campaigns

Rarely does an agency use the "Customer Journey with Sales Funnel" strategy as part of a google ad campaign. We know that google ads are just the beginning of the sales funnel and that the results depend on the complete marketing of the website.


We are focused on your patients who are looking for a solution to their health problems on google. We direct them to your website where they will turn into your longtime client.


Rezultate ostvarujemo koristeći sve marketinške strategije koje smo isprobali u poslednjih 8 godina
    • In the 2012-2017 period, we were a part of a European clinic, for whose product we created a demand on the web, and which grew into a brand and expanded to 3 other continents.
    • We have collaborated with doctors, psychologists, and even patients of many clinics in defining the “ideal customer” and preparing an advertising message for the promotion of healthcare facilities. We know the target audience and know how to convert a regular web observer into your patient.
    • We know what digital channels are needed for your hospital, clinic, or medical practice to thrive. We know the regulations and rules of conduct on advertising platforms for the promotion of medical services.
  • International business standards
  • The knowledge gained through cooperation with foreign digital marketing agencies and participation in conferences and seminars around the world allows us to apply international standards in everyday work.
  • Objectivity and transparency
  • Partnership-like relationship with clients
  • Free education and advice
  • Focus on customer growth and development
Inostrane konferencije iz digitalnog marketinga

Why is our marketing agency a good choice for advertising your brand on Google?

Digitalna marketinška agencija koja promoviše zdravstvene usluge
  • Because we specialize in internet marketing in healthcare. We've been promoting medical services for the last 8 years, and google advertising is only one of our services.
  • We ran large international campaigns in more than 6 languages.
  • We use exclusively proven strategies that provide great results for both domestic and international healthcare institutions we work with.
  • We are unique in analytically measuring micro and macro conversions that allow us to create an ideal user experience on a website and create a high conversion rate.
  • We employ marketing experts from all areas of digital marketing, our work is transparent and honest, and many of our services are free of charge for our clients.
  • Our team was formed 8 years ago.
  • We've been developing medical companies on the web for more than 8 years. Through integrated campaigns (Google + Facebook + SEO) we promote the services of our partners in 6 different languages.
  • We even have sales agents and translators on the team.
  • Our team has proven that with the help of our strategies, any product can be marketed in another country, even a service that will require a customer to fly in from another continent.
Google oglasi sa strategijom prodajnog levka, koji konvertuju posmatrače u pacijente

In which branches of medicine have we been working for 8 years?

Hospitals, clinics, and medical practices

  • Addiction treatment
  • Internal Medicine
  • Regenerative medicine
  • Dental services
  • Stem cell treatment
  • Cosmetic procedures
  • Plastic surgery
  • Anti-aging services


Locally and globally

  • Serbia
  • Former Yugoslav Republics
  • USA
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Austria
  • Spain
  • Australia

Why did we create our own advertising strategy?

Rezultate ostvarujemo koristeći sve marketinške strategije koje smo isprobali u poslednjih 8 godina
  • Because we know internet marketing well and we have already used all digital strategies in the last 8 years.
  • We know that google ads alone are not enough, but the complete Customer journey from entering the sales funnel (clicking on the ad) to the last ring in the funnel (phone call).
  • The old approach of starting campaigns within 24 hours without a predefined avatar, prepared landing pages, A / B tests would have a negative impact on the stability of google ads campaigns and profitability would be called into question. This is an old strategy that used to give results, but today achieves slim results.

If you want to increase the number of patients, locally or globally, schedule a free video consultation where we will analyze your online presence and explain how we can ensure the wanted growth.


Digitalna marketinška agencija koja promoviše zdravstvene usluge
  • If you're unable to visit us at our offices, we can meet by 30-minute video call.
  • All you need for a video meeting is a webcam and an internet connection.
  • You can do it with your phone or computer.
  • You can schedule time and date yourself or you can do it right away.
  • You can establish a connection via Zoom or by clicking on a simple link below.
  • Schedule a free video consultation and we'll suggest the best solution for your business model for free, without any further obligations. ESTABLISH A VIDEO CONNECTION

If you are planning large advertising budgets, our team can visit you even if you are based on another continent.

Or contact us with one click

Sign up and we will prepare a non-binding offer for you.

The price of the agency service depends on the degree of complexity of the project and the number of hours per month necessary to achieve maximum and cost-effective results for our clients (average starter price is 200 EUR).

Digital Marketing Agency in Healthcare

We'll create your new client from an ordinary online observer


Frequently Asked

Is google advertising suitable for every business?

Google advertising is suitable for every type of business, it's just a question of what the return on advertising amount will be.

Google allows you to run different types of advertising campaigns depending on your customer needs. The biggest money back is achieved by "search campaigns", because the user gets what he already plans to pay for.

If there is no demand for your product or service on the web, then Youtube or Display campaigns are for you.

Schedule a free consultation if you want to know how many people search for your product or service every month.

Do google ads pay off?

Google ads are the most cost-effective form of advertising on the Internet..

If there is a demand on the web for the service being advertised, the return on investment is up to 8x.

For individual foreign clients, we run advertising campaigns with a monthly budget of 9,500 EUR. They started cooperating with us with a Starter budget of 200 EUR a month, and after a year we came to a budget of 320 EUR per day.

How much does google advertising cost?

The cost of Google advertising depends on the amount you are willing to invest.

If you don't have any experience in promoting your service on Google, our recommendation is to start with the Starter package and a basic budget of 200 EUR per month.

After 2-3 months of campaigns, and a lot of testing, we will be able to determine your ideal budget that achieves a high ROI (return on investment).

Can you advertise any service on Google?

Most services are allowed, while some have certain restrictions and some are strictly forbidden.

The medical service advertising is distinct and sometimes it takes a few weeks for google to approve a campaign.

Schedule a free consultation to determine if your product or service is allowed to be advertised on Google.

If you know that there is a google advertising ban on your service, check out our Facebook marketing services, lead magnet campaigns or SEO website optimization as alternatives.

How long does your agency operate in healthcare?

The team has existed since 2010 as an outsourcing agency for digital marketing, which later included a call center sales service.

At the beginning of 2013, our outsourcing office signed an "Outsourcing agreement" with a European clinic in Belgrade on the provision of a complete digital marketing service with sales (call center). In that period of cooperation of 5 years, we created a demand for their service on the web, after which the clinic grew into a brand that expanded around the world.

This growth is the result of the hard work of our 14 people team that worked in our outsourcing office and our "Marketing Winning model" that proved that it is possible to sell a service in Serbia to a patient from another continent. At the beginning of 2018, more than 50 patients from different parts of the planet traveled to Serbia for anti-aging treatments, regenerative treatments, and addiction treatment.

Based on many years of experience, we realized that using our strategies, there is no location barrier and for that reason, we registered a digital agency on the territory of Belgrade to help other medical businesses both locally and globally.


The digital marketing terminology we used on the site

from an encyclopedia intended for our clients