Kurs digitalnog marketinga za zdravstvene radnike

Digital marketing skills you need to grow your online business

We want to share our experience with others and help them develop their medical business. With our WinWin Model, we have proven that the patient is willing to travel to another country, even another continent for medical treatment.



Who are these courses for?

  • For individuals or teams who want to promote their medical product and service locally or globally.
  • For managers who want to create their marketing team within their clinic.
Kurs se sastoji od našeg iskustva u digitalnom marketingu u medicini

You can have the best product in the world, which may cure cancer. But if people don't know about it, that product doesn't exist.

Course 1


How to create your ideal customer - Avatar, so that you direct the complete marketing assets to people who are willing to pay for your service.

  • Introduction - Why is Avatar important
  • Empathy Map - Preparing an empathy map used for understanding your audience/customer
  • Creating an avatar - Who are you addressing, who do you want to help (sell to)
  • Effective copywriting - How to write for your audience.
Radionica 1 - kako kreirati idealnog kupca - Avatar

Course 2


How is a website that ensures new clients supposed to look like

  • Introduction - How a website can strengthen your brand and influence business growth
  • Website structure - How to create a website structure
  • UX - Create an ideal user experience
  • Landing pages - How to make an LP structure that ensures high conversion
  • Storytelling - Connect with your audience through stories
  • Website Code - Why HTML and not WordPress
  • Video - How to shoot a video that attracts attention
  • CTA - How to create a CALL TO ACTION/ CONTACT with a high CTR (click-through-rate)
Kurs 2 - Kako treba da izgleda web sajt koji konvertuje

Course 3


Behind every converted visitor, there is a good sales funnel

  • Introduction - AIDA basic funnel
  • Types of website visits - Cold, warm, and hot
  • Types of sales funnels - Organic or paid
  • Sales funnel stages - Preparation of funnel rings
  • Test Funnel - How to create a basic funnel for testing
  • Measurement and optimization - Measurement and optimization of the sales funnel
  • Examples of funnels - Examples of basic and dynamic funnels
Kurs 3 - Kako treba da izgleda marketing prodajni levak

Course 4


How to find potential customers on Facebook and offer them your products or service

  • Introduction - The power of Facebook advertising
  • Audience research - Using the "Audience insight tool"
  • Creating a Facebook campaign - The first Facebook campaign
  • Audience targeting methods - Custom, lookalike, or saved audience
  • Facebook pixel - installation, preparation, and use of the Facebook pixel
  • Facebook retargeting - Returning quality visits to the website
  • Examples of Facebook ads - How to create a successful ad
  • Facebook sales funnel - Optimization of Facebook sales funnel
Kurs 4 - Facebook oglašavanje

Course 5


How to find potential customers on Google and offer them your products or service

  • Introduction - The power of Google advertising
  • Preparation - Research and preparation phase
  • Google Campaigns - Create a search campaign
  • Google Campaigns - Create video and display campaigns
  • Google Campaigns - Create a remarketing campaign
  • Conversion tracking - Prepare campaigns to measure conversions
  • Advertising Report - Understanding Google Ad Campaign reports
  • Google Funnel - Optimize the Google Funnel
Kurs 5 - Google oglašavanje

Course 6

SEO - Website optimization for Google

How to be "the first on Google"

  • Introduction - The Power of SEO Visits
  • On page SEO - Preparing the site for google
  • Off page SEO - White and gray SEO techniques
  • Linkbuilding - Building a network of backlinks
  • Become a Google Authority - How to convince Google to "love you"
  • Featured snippet - All about "featured snippets", "the zero position", "google rabbit hole" etc.
  • SEO checklist - Complete list of SEO tasks
  • SEO tools - A list of SEO tools that can help you
Kurs 6 - Seo optimizacija sajta za google

Course 7


Tracking the visitors through your website.

  • Introduction - All about GTM
  • Facebook and analytics - How to integrate Facebook pixel and Google analytics
  • Visitor Behavior - How to monitor website visitor behavior
  • Clicks - How to track each click using GTM
  • Event Reports - Create an "event" funnel
Kurs 7 - Google tag menadžer

Course 8


How to track website users from different channels and create KPI metrics

  • Introduction - Basics of Google analytics
  • Acquisition report - Understanding the acquisition report
  • Behavior Report - Understanding behavior reports
  • Conversion Report - Understand the conversion report
  • Admin section - Understanding the admin section
  • KPI metrics - 5 categories of marketing KPI metrics (40-task list)
Kurs 8 - Google analitika i KPI

Course 9


New product integration strategy - How to select and integrate a new product

  • New product integration strategy - How to select and integrate a new product
  • Sell globally - How to find a new market and occupy it
  • Value ladder - "Offer small and earn big in the long run"
  • Upsell - How to double revenue without a large investment
  • From admission to discharge - How to make a brand advocate out of your patient
  • HR - How to hire quality staff
Kurs 9 - Online biznis

Course 10


Persuasion no longer works

  • Introduction Basics of sales
  • Persuasion Why persuasion no longer works
  • Customer psychology How much has customer psychology changed
  • New steps in sales What sales that give results look like today
  • Closing sales New techniques of closing
Kurs 10 - Prodaja


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